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Friends & Lovers has already been translated into English, but it has not been printed in that language yet. Before doing that, we will wait until there is enough interest for an English version. For this, we would like to get into contact with knowledge organisations in English-speaking countries. A translation in German is also considered. If you are interested in this, please let us know via This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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€ 96,50 excluding shipment costs.

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Friends & Lovers brings you into conversation about love and body
Friends & Lovers is a game method that makes it easier to communicate with –among others- students, clients and course members about the themes: the Body, Friendship, Partners, Sexuality and Assertiveness.

The method includes 135 cards with pictures and questions, an additional Questions Card and an Action card (download). Every theme is elaborated into 27 cards with drawn situations in which one or more people are involved.

Get started
- Start a conversation about the themes.
- Investigate which knowledge is present and offer information.
- Make experiences and feelings discussable.
- Discover problematic issues and discuss dilemmas.
- Take action if needed.

Developed in cooperation with professionals and experts
Friends & Lovers has been developed by Bureau Edubooks & Training. Sixty professionals in healthcare provided the topics. They were in need of image material to make their topics discussable. Content experts in the field of relationships and sexuality offered their feedback.

The method has been extensively tested in practice in the healthcare sector and practical education, and by interest groups.

Simple method
Choose a way to select the game cards from the Work guide. The pictures evoke associations with the participants, which leads to a conversation. The questions help the supervisor to deepen the conversation. The Additional Questions Guide guides the methodical approach. With the Action card, possible actions are documented.

'We are very enthusiastic about the game method. The design, the topics and the questions are very well thought-out.'
Almer Vet, Training & Education, Prinsenstichting

'Very user-friendly, good material and fun to look at. The drawings, questions and manual are very clear. You can get started immediately!'
'Daniëlle Hesen, case manager sexuality Dichterbij

'Great visually supporting material! I always take my suitcase with me and take out appropriate cards during a conversation. Also in meetings with supervisors!'
Marijke Wolter, case manager sexuality

‘Everyone is enthusiastic about the drawings and especially about the questions (On the game cards as well as on the additional questions card or the manual). We also notice that people of the higher levels have no problems with the drawings; they don’t find them childish, but recognizable!'
Sigrid Bauwens, psychologist Psychiatric Center PC Bethanië, België

'With this game method, the topics of love, body and assertiveness cannot fall into oblivion!'
Bep van Klingeren, behaviour therapist 's Heeren Loo

'The suitcase is intensively used!'
Claudia van der List, Special-task employee stichting Prisma

'This game is a clearly to be framed method in which the vision of a team can be reflected and start to work concretely. You can compare it to a carpenters’ toolbox.'
Sam Vijverberg - personal attendant Leerhuis / Consultant Ambulant Team, 's Heeren Loo